“Chop Chop”, said Joe.

Uber, Simfy, Thrifty, Amazon, Airbnb – When thinking about these companies, one of the words that describes them I would say, is convenience. The simplicity of on-demand mobile services has disrupted a number of industries, and in fact, left many other companies stranded and at a loss. I took a keen interest in this phenomenon when I came across an article on Inc Magazine titled “There’s an Uber for that.” From retail to accommodation, transport to music, these industries have faced a rude awakening to the truth that people, now more than ever, live on having quick access to whatever service or product they need at any particular time and wish to have at the click of a button.

Top 10 Most Followed South African Celebrities

What is a celebrity? Who qualifies to be called a “celebrity”? Well according to us a celebrity is a person or group of people that are celebrated for their successful careers in media, sports, entertainment or politics. This is all with the exception of those who live extravagant lives, get attention from controversial actions or are just simply connected to a famous person.

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