Which Brands Should Spend More Money on Instagram in 2018


Instagram users are purchase ready – 72% of Instagram users report making a purchase decision based on what they saw on the site.

We can all surely agree as marketers that most consumers are like the Doubting Thomas they will buy something once they see someone else buying it or see how it functions & what value it will bring them. The key principle is that seeing is believing, meaning that platforms like Instagram & Snapchat which are driven by visual engagement, unlike Twitter which is driven by conversation & text. This explains why Instagram has the most influence on Shopping Habits

Instagram 51%

Facebook 23%

Pinterest 22%

Who Owns My Photos

It has become clear as day that Social Media has now become an integral part of day-to-day communication in today’s society, for both brands and individuals. The ability to instantly share information to a wide network has made things much simpler, and on the other hand, a little more complicated too.

Top 10 South African Radio Stations on Social Media

What does radio have to do with Social Media? If that’s the question on your mind then this infographic and analysis is for you. In this post I will take you through the landscape of South African Radio Stations on Social Media, who is out performing who, listeners Vs likes, do the radio hosts have any influence on how their stations perform on Facebook and Twitter? All these questions will be answered if you continue reading.

Top 10 Most Followed South African Celebrities

What is a celebrity? Who qualifies to be called a “celebrity”? Well according to us a celebrity is a person or group of people that are celebrated for their successful careers in media, sports, entertainment or politics. This is all with the exception of those who live extravagant lives, get attention from controversial actions or are just simply connected to a famous person.

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