Top Industry Brands in SA on Instagram 2015 – 2016


2010 Instagram was born, 100 million users hit the sign-up button.
2014, the visual machine clocks 300 million users.
September of 2015 news hits our feeds… “Instagram has now hit 400 million users!”
Safe to say that the so-called fad is here to stay?

Watching this platform grow in leaps and bounds has been one the most thrilling observations we have made as an agency. As the world continues more and more in being digitally connected, platforms such as Instagram will keep reaping the benefits since it opened up this avenue in ways we could have never imagined.

But what does this all mean for brands, agencies even influencers?
Bigger budgets? More followers? Better competition?
Yet again, we dug deep to answer these questions in our second annual Top Industry Brands in SA report.

Did you know DJ Sbu’s Mo Faya Drink beat Coca Cola SA in followers? How exactly did Mr Price overtake Woolworths in following?
These were some the surprises that motivated us to compile this report as well as a brief infographic for you to see who has picked up in following and who is the new kid on the block.

So what exactly do we cover in the report?
– Most Followed Brands in SA (per industry)
– Brand Analysis (No.1 followed Industry Brands )
– Trends
– Interviews with brand and agency reps
– Olivia Waterkeyn of Uber SA & Deen Schroeder of Primedia Broadcasting
– Best Practice
– Red Bull ZA (Local) & Nike Women(International)
– Forecasting

Feast your eyes and share with those around you.


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