Top 10 Most Followed South African Celebrities

What is a celebrity? Who qualifies to be called a “celebrity”? Well according to us a celebrity is a person or group of people that are celebrated for their successful careers in media, sports, entertainment or politics. This is all with the exception of those who live extravagant lives, get attention from controversial actions or are just simply connected to a famous person.

Taking from this definition, we took some time out to put together a list of South Africa’s Top 10 most followed celebrities on leading platforms Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Not only does this list show you the numbers, but it also provides some interesting facts and insight about these celebs, which you will find in our analysis insert.

We did however leave out a few “South African” celebs who have millions of followers but are working and living overseas since their early teens, for example, Candice Swanepoel (best known for her work with Victorias Secret) who has 6.5m Instagram followers, Troye Sivan(actor, Singer Songwriter best know his role in Spud and Xmen as James Howlett) sitting on 3m followers on Twitter and Caspar Lee (a Vlogger with 5 million YouTube Subscribers who’s appearred on Spud 3 and Spongebob the Movie) and he has 3m followers on Twitter.

The number of followers one has on social media can largely contribute to the amount of influence they have on their peers and the society at large. This also dictates how much money celebrities could potentially earn when approached by brands. This is why we believe this list is valuable for brands, creatives, or institutions looking to work with a celebrity for a campaign or to simply feed your curiosity of who is The Most Followed Celebrity in South Africa.

Feel free to download the full infographic below and keep your eyes open for the full analysis.

Download the Infographic and Analysis below.

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